Sunday, 10 July 2011

Travelling with children? Here's an easy solution!

Planes, trains and automobiles no longer have to be stressful for parents, thanks to ‘My Travel Surprise’ – the first ever one-stop shop for children’s travel toys.

My Travel Surprise ( offers a range of lightweight, budget-friendly games and activities specially designed to keep youngsters entertained on holiday journeys and throughout your break.

My Travel Surprise was founded by mother of two children Amanda Mitchell. Why? Well, Amanda found herself frustrated at the lack of suitable toys available to keep her children occupied during flights and car trips.

Not only have all the products been thoroughly road-tested by Amanda and her sons, they also come gift-wrapped in specially designed holiday cartoon paper.

My Travel Surprise has a range of unusual toys that are not readily available in high street stores and the products can be ordered all year round. With prices starting at a very pleasing £2.50, My Travel Surprise offers games and activities that cost less than a comic and a bottle of water bought from a shop or service station.

All toys carry the ‘CE’ safety mark and the majority of products weigh less than 300 grammes, making them ideal travel toys that can be used throughout the holiday.

My Travel Surprise has toys and activities that are suitable for both boys and girls aged two to 10 years old, including, memory boards, brain teasers, and activity cards.

The range also includes sticky mosaics, fishing games and friendship bracelet kits, as well as obligatory sticker and doodle books.

As we say, each toy ordered from is delivered partially wrapped in cartoon travel paper, so the parent can give it to their child as a surprise ‘gift’ for the journey. Consideration has been given to airport security, allowing wrapped toys to be taken through security controls, ensuring peace of mind for everyone!

Says Amanda: “Preparing for family holidays can be a nightmare for parents. You always have that last minute panic thinking ‘how on earth am I going to keep the kids quiet during a five hour flight?’.

“In desperation, I would spend a fortune in supermarkets or airport shops, ending up with toys that were unsuitable or activity books that my children would finish before we’d even taken-off.

“Keeping children entertained shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be stressful. My Travel Surprise is a simple, fun and inexpensive solution for time-precious parents. I’ve thought of everything from the parent’s perspective – from the suitability and cost of the toys to getting them through passport control.”

My Travel Surprise toys and games can be used to entertain youngsters throughout the holiday and they are also perfect for other journeys, including the school run or car and train trips to visit friends and family.

34-year-old Amanda was inspired to set up My Travel Surprise after getting frustrated at the lack of suitable children’s toys and games available for holiday travel. Amanda is passionate about child and youth development and prior to becoming a mum to Ben (aged five) and Noah (aged two), Amanda was an NVQ assessor in playwork and has worked with children and young people with eating disorders.

With a degree in BA (Hons) in Informal and Community Education, she founded and ran a youth centre for 140 members on the outskirts of London. She is married to Daniel and lives in Park Street, Hertfordshire.

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