Sunday, 10 July 2011

Make sure your holiday is memorable for the right reasons

We have all seen newspaper reports how, through no fault of their own, a family had a disastrous holiday, often with tragic consequences.

How can families, couples and individuals try to ensure that they will not end up in a similar situation? By consulting, who can provide advice to families on how they can stay safe and have a holiday to remember for the right reasons. is the only travel site which lists hotels from all around the world that have achieved high standards of health and safety. This will let YOU make smarter, better informed choices when booking your holidays to ensure you remain safe throughout your holiday.

As sample of what the advice can offer please find below some accommodation advice on what holidaymakers need to remember when arriving at a hotel.

1.     Check before you unpack... Do not go through the hassle of unpacking your suitcase until you know the room is safe. Hotel rooms see a lot of use and over time things can start to show signs of wear and tear. In some cases this can be a simple matter of requesting a replacement item but sometimes it may require a change of room whilst work is being carried out to repair potentially dangerous problems. Check that the appliances in the room look well maintained, ensure bathrooms are free of problems like cracked tiles or broken fixtures.

2.     Look around, crefully... Particularly if you have children take the time to look around the hotel and be aware of any risks that could be addressed. It is far easier to point these things out to hotel management prior to any accident occurring. Make sure you ensure your children are supervised appropriately, especially where you have identified a risk that they could be exposed to. 

3.     Avoid falls... Balconies can be dangerous, particularly for children, if it is possible for them to climb up on or lean over the balcony. Make sure that they are unable to do so by repositioning items of furniture etc. that can be used to climb up on. Adults should be equally wary of sitting on or leaning over balconies so as to prevent a fall. Another source of problems related to balconies is the glass door or partition that links them to the room, where bright sunlight can make it very difficult to determine whether a door is open or closed.

And remember, visit before you even book a holiday.

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