Tuesday, 19 July 2011

EasyJet Holidays reveals we are turning our backs on the traditional two week holiday

A survey by EasyJet Holidays reveals the perfect holiday length for British holidaymakers is officially 11 nights, marking a move towards the end of traditional one and two week holidays offered by traditional package tour operators.

According to the survey conducted by easyJet, seven out of 10 people prefer their holidays to last more than eight days but less than the traditional 14 day escape to the sun.

The easyJet Holidays website reflects the results with 55% of all enquiries to the site from savvy customers searching for flexible holidays over seven nights in duration, but less than the conventional two week getaway.

Reasons for snubbing longer holiday lengths included:

- Missing home comforts
- Holiday budget
- Worries about work
- Missing friends, family and pets

Only one per cent of respondents claimed they would prefer to take less than a three night break for their annual holiday and 17% opted for seven nights or less.

The new 11 night holiday trend is perfectly accommodated on the easyJet Holidays website and offers consumers totally flexible and competitively priced breaks throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Mandy Round, general manager at easyJet said: "Holidaymakers are signalling the end of the traditional one and two week holidays and no longer want to be restricted to the standard deals offered by tour operators.

"Customers looking for complete flexibility and the ability to tailor their holiday length, dates and flight times, as well as having the choice from thousands of excellent value holiday deals to suit all budgets can do so on the easyJet Holidays website."

As a result of this flexibility holiday makers can enjoy breaks of nine days but only take five days off from work commitments - maximising the length of their holiday without eating into their annual holiday entitlement.

The easyJet Holidays website has also witnessed an increase in enquiries for the ten night stay as British holidaymakers tighten their purse strings by searching for affordable deals, but still making the most of their annual escape to the sun.

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