Sunday, 10 July 2011

Don't let heartburn and indigestion ruin your holiday!

Research shows 66% of travellers do not stock up on medical supplies before travelling
20 million or so Britons go abroad every year and around 7 million will get ill at some point whilst away
18% lost one or two days of their holiday to being unwell, another 12% lost two to four days
·Faced with buying first aid and medication abroad, 8% said they had language problems in local pharmacies. Another 8% were confused by different names for products in other countries. 9% found products more expensive abroad

Heartburn and indigestion are common, unpleasant conditions linked with over eating.

Up to four in ten people suffer from heartburn each year in the UK. Some have it occasionally, while others suffer from the condition every day

It is thought that up to 20% of the population have symptoms of heartburn every week

£123.9 million was spent on over the counter indigestion remedies in the UK in 20097

In any 6 month period 41% of the population will suffer an episode of dyspepsia (indigestion), and a quarter will have consulted their GP about their symptoms

Heartburn is among the top three ailments we go to see our GP about

Recent research findings indicate that 41% of heartburn sufferers experienced symptoms so severe that they thought they were having a heart attack

What treatments are available?
A tendency to overindulge whilst on holiday can lead to heartburn and indigestion, a painful condition that can leave sufferers feeling down and helpless. It is essential therefore that traveller pack an effective remedy before going abroad to ensure that they are able to make the most of their time away. Research by Zantac 75 Relief has revealed that people are confused when it comes to treating heartburn and may be prolonging their suffering by not choosing the appropriate remedy –in fact, 89% of people don’t know the difference between antacids, alginates, H2 antagonists - the 3 most common treatments available over the counter to treat heartburn and indigestion
Antacid (e.g. Milk of Magnesia/Rennie) - Mild and infrequent sufferers
Antacid remedies work by neutralising excess acid as they are alkaline in nature. While this type of remedy offers fast relief, its effects may not last for very long.
Alginate (e.g. Gaviscon) - Moderate sufferers
Alginate remedies work by forming a thick layer on top of the stomach contents to prevent excess acid rising into the oesophagus. This type of remedy works best if taken after a meal (not suitable for those on a sodium restricted diet).
H2 antagonist (e.g. Zantac 75 Relief) – Regular/frequent sufferers
H2 antagonist remedies work at the root cause of heartburn and indigestion by blocking the process by which the stomach makes excess acid. For this reason, sufferers benefit from longer lasting relief.

Zantac 75 Relief contains ranitidine, an H2 antagonist, for the relief of heartburn and indigestion associated with the consumption of food and drink. Just one tiny Zantac 75 Relief tablet provides long lasting relief for up to 12 hours for all day, or all night relief. Zantac 75 Relief is available over the counter priced at £2.15 for 6 tablets or £4.09 for 12 (larger packs are available from the pharmacist) Always read the label.

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