Sunday, 10 July 2011

Tesco calls time on the hidden costs of your holiday 'phone calls

British holidaymakers spend £750 million every year on calls home from their holidays!

Tesco is issuing consumers with a timely warning about the hidden costs of holidays which can have a big impact on people’s wallets. And That's Holiday is pleased to be able to help Tesco in this endevour!

One of the nation’s pet hates is the cost of calls from abroad when they check in with loved ones at home. 

Research conducted by Tesco Calling Card found that one in six people feel they have been ripped off by call costs on holiday.

An investigation by Tesco Calling Card has shown revealed that it can cost more than a pound a minute to call UK landlines from a European hotel.

The average cost of a European hotel phone call back to the UK was over 60p a minute. 

Spain was revealed as the EU country with the most expensive hotel phone charges, with a ten minute call to the UK from a hotel phone costing over £10.60! (EDITOR: Talk about a rip-off!)

The need for low cost phone calls from a landline has prompted the retailer to launch the Tesco Holiday Card.

By calling from a landline using the card from four of Britain’s top holiday destinations – Spain, France, Greece and Portugal, people can stay in touch with family and friends for only 10p per minute to a UK landline and 20p a minute to a UK mobile. The flat cost of making calls when using the card means it is easy for our customers to use.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “This little card should be part of our packing preparation as it means people can call without the worry of unforeseen costs or big bills on their return home. 

“Its really easy to use from any landline so we can now all avoid the complexities of the foreign phone box and the super-inflated charges of a hotel phone.”

The cards are available in £5, £10 and £20 denominations and can be found in the suntan or luggage aisle at Tesco Extras and Tesco Superstores from mid July.

And for the 61 per cent of people who call home up to five times while on holiday, topping up credit is easy and can be done via phone or online.

Terms and conditions apply. Please check for details.

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