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Holiday Health – Make sure you take what you need to ensure, a healthy happy holiday!

Special article by Emma Mihill ND NT DipCNM MBANT, Higher Nature Nutritional Therapist

Likely holiday health hazards
When travelling to foreign countries, the microflora in your gastrointestinal tract is suddenly (without warning) exposed to a variety of bacteria it isn't used to. This can result in digestive upsets, including diarrhoea. Locals have the chance to build up a resistance to the bacteria, whereas you are more exposed.

Sunburn is another common complaint, particularly in hotter countries. It is important to sit in the sun for short periods (15-30 minutes a day) in order to expose your body to the UV rays to make vitamin D on the skin; however, the time you choose to expose should be outside of the 11am-3pm period of the day. Sunburn will age you, dehydrate you and leave you bed-bound, so choose your time in the sun carefully.

How to prepare yourself before you go
Taking a good probiotic about two weeks before travelling will help to build a better gut microflora to prepare against any foreign invaders. Continue the probiotic throughout your trip and for two weeks after you return. Start taking a vitamin C, if you don't already, two weeks prior to travel to build up your antioxidant reserves against the oxidative damage of travelling: aeroplanes, stress, pollution and lack of fresh foods.

Use chlorella and colloidal silver before and during the flight to help protect you from heavy metals and the recycled air on the plane.

What you should take with you
Colloidal Silver – for the plane journey and great for sanitising travel water
Vitamin C – this is a crucial antioxidant to protect you from anything you may face on holiday. It’s also important for your immune system and may be helpful for jet lag.
Probiotics – these will help to keep your gut microflora in fighting condition for any foreign invaders it may come across
Grapefruit seed extract – great for internal or external use and for digestive support while travelling.
Chlorella – this may help with chelation of heavy metals (particularly on plane flights) – chlorophyll is also incredibly nutrient-dense, with minerals, vitamins and amino acids present in highly absorbable forms.
A natural skin sun protection cream should also be a must. Why smother your skin with chemicals when there are perfectly good and effective natural and organic sun creams you can use while sunbathing?

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