Sunday, 29 April 2012

Have We Lost The Ability To Think Creatively?

How would you feel about shutting your laptop down and switching your phone off for a week? Nervous? Lonely? Or surprisingly refreshed?! You never know until you try it, and have the perfect destination to escape from technology...

We live in a world so heavily dominated by technology that it's hard to imagine life without laptops and mobile phones. Millions of us check emails instinctively before getting up in the morning, spend our evenings in front of the TV, on our laptops or check work emails after leaving the office, which demonstrates just how difficult it is to find time to get away from technology.

Initially the thought of having no internet connection or phone signal for a week may fill you with dread, but in practice it is incredible how refreshing and inspiring a break from technology can be. And if you are looking to get away from it all, what better way to escape than abroad? There is no better place for your creativity to be inspired than in a brand new location with stunning surroundings, gourmet food and great company. have just the place. They have a remarkable eco-retreat set in unspoilt and rural Spain in an 'off-grid' location, two hours from modern technology, which encourages you to immerse yourself in the spectacular surroundings and provides you with the perfect opportunity to fully switch off and think creatively.

Whether you're looking for a quiet place to focus on your artwork or photography, a destination for commercial meetings where your staff can think creatively, a unique retreat for the whole family or just somewhere to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, this creative retreat is the perfect destination.

Set in the heart of the 'Parque Natural Sierra Maria-Los Velez', this 'eco-chic' guest house has over 50 acres of land and is set in an area of extreme natural beauty in with dramatic alpine deserts on one side and almond blossom on the other. There is no phone signal at the retreat which helps to resist the urge to check emails and messages and really relax in the stunning rural surroundings. If the thought of this fills you with dread, there is a satellite connection at the retreat for emergencies (checking your Facebook page doesn't count), and remarkably it takes under 2 hours to reach the bustling cities and airports of Almeria, Murcia, Granada and Alicante.

Host, artist and ecologist Simon Beckmann offers professional tuition in a unique, laid-back way with a range of painting and photography courses using the natural landscape and culture as inspiration for the themed courses.

The eco-retreat also hosts a Residency for international professional artists, making meal times a great time to get to know the fellow artists in a fun and social environment. These artists will be happy to share their experiences and give you presentations of their work in the evenings, which is a really unique opportunity.

The retreat is the perfect blend of ecology and creativity. The cortijada is a beautiful carbon neutral guest house converted from five old farm houses. Due to the remote location and lack of technology in the area, the eco-retreat has had to be specifically designed to be environmentally friendly. Natural resources are utilised at every opportunity, and power is created from the sun and wind for cooking and electricity, wood is used for heating, rain water is harvested from the roof, and waste water is managed and utilised to irrigate the surrounding dry land.

The decoration inside the cortijada is simple but luxurious, with remarkable attention to detail.  Simon and his wife Donna's own artwork graces the otherwise white walls and you'll find unique pieces from many of the professional artists in residence throughout the house giving it a feel of a home from home art gallery. The modern, clean design allows you to absorb the creative atmosphere and think clearly. 

So switch off your phone, shut down your laptop and hot foot it to Spain to visit this remarkable eco-retreat today. Let the spectacular location with its stunning scenery and beautiful accommodation inspire your creativity.

Go off grid on a unique holiday combining creativity with ecology. Book now at or call 08445 020 445 for more details.

To read details of the specific courses on offer, visit and click on 'read more about this course'

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