Monday, 16 May 2011

Travelling to the Far East? Then take Bioflu

Bioflu immune booster with shikimic acid
Thai health ministry officials have confirmed that two cases of the bird flu virus, HN51, have been reported in separate hospitals in Thailand. (EDITOR: And whilst it is only a couple of cases, why take the risk?)

The Health Ministry officials confirmed tests on patients in the Suphanburi and Kanchanaburi provinces had been carried out and returned positive with the HN51 virus.

The news arrived a few days after Japan suspended chicken imports from Thailand, which has a huge and lucrative poultry industry.

Top economic and health ministers had held an urgent meeting to map out strategies to cope with the economic and health impact should the laboratory results prove that bird flu has leaped to humans, as it has in Vietnam.

If your intending to travel to Thailand soon then the one of the better ways to avoid and combat the threat of the bird flu virus is to take shikimic acid, an extract of star anise. This extract is currently being used extensively in a well known anti viral medication but with great demand and lack of ingredient, levels are currently running very low.

Luckily there is a product available that contains a concentrated star anise and is one way to help help oneself one from this virus. Bioflu has been developed with the aim of combating viruses. Bioflu contains anti-viral properties in the form of a synergistic blend of star anise, Siberian ginseng and black elderberry extracts that work together to strengthen the immune system and improve your recovery times. Double blind university medical school human trials showed the ingredients in Bioflu to be effective in greatly reducing the severity and duration of the symptoms of influenza viruses.

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