Thursday, 5 May 2011

Swanage, Dorset, in the global spotlight in its bid for the World Dive Attempt

As holiday makers drift back to their jobs and children return to school after the summer break, the beautiful sandy beach at Swanage Bay on Dorset’s stunning World Heritage Jurassic Coast usually reverts to peace and tranquillity for those taking a stroll or dog walk… This September however will see the town alive with activity, as the worlds diving community congregate in Swanage to take part in a World Record Dive Attempt.

Swanage Resident, Jason Haiselden has been an avid diver for some ten years, having done most of his diving in the Far East, mainly in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines as well as Truk Lagoon, and Australia. Jason settled in Swanage on Dorset’s stunning World Heritage Jurassic Coast 8 years back, when he took up diving in the cooler waters of the UK.

It's Jason’s vision and determination that has led to this ambitious attempt to break the World Record for the number of divers in the water, simultaneously. Having organised trips for divers to exotic locations the world over, Jason is now looking to entice 3000 diver’s to Swanage in Dorset to shatter the world record.

Swanage has some of the most interesting dives just around the picturesque Bay with great wrecks, including the Kyarra, and drift dives. Jason said “I hadn't done very much UK diving until I moved here, as I love colourful reefs and marine life. However I completely appreciate just how good the diving is here in Swanage, it has a great reputation in the UK with the dive community. The environment of the Jurassic Coast and Purbeck in particular, is just a dream, on a clear summer’s day; you feel you could be on a Greek Island. ”

Jason's new company ScubaClick (an online Liveaboard booking system) have decided to stage a Guinness World Record™ attempt for the ‘most people scuba diving’. The current record was set in August 2009 when the Indonesian Navy organised 2.486 divers to dive simultaneously. Until now the record has only been held overseas in warm water.

To make an attempt on any world record requires immense planning, support and money. Jason has spent many months putting together risk assessments, having numerous meetings with safety advisory groups and the local Swanage Town council who, whilst initially somewhat cautious, have all been very supportive and have given their full approval and backing for the event. Throughout this process Jason has worked closely with the Swanage & Purbeck Hospitality Association who represent many local businesses in the area and see this attempt as another great way to showcase the beauty of Swanage & Purbeck to a wide audience.

The event is primarily aimed at raising money for local and national charities. Such as the Swanage Heroes Haven, a registered local charity raising money to purchase, equip and run a specially adapted log cabin for the use of disabled service personnel and their families on a local holiday park in Swanage. The RNLI essential for beach and sea safety is a natural choice, in appreciation of the brave work that the RNLI do.
The Scuba Trust also aim to assist by arranging training and obtaining funding to subsidise applicants, who due to disability, encounter difficulty in finding suitable instruction and who may face a greater outlay for training and recreational diving after certification.

The Guinness World Record™ attempt will take place on Saturday the 24th September 2011 with Sunday the 25th being reserved should the weather not be favourable on the Saturday. Divers will be asked to pay £10 to take part in the event and to raise further money through personal sponsorship. The event could raise over £150,000 for charitable causes.

There will be a number of diving related exhibitors and a prize draw for all those that take part, on the grass field known as Sand Pit Field, which overlooks Swanage Bay. There will be a Guinness World Record™ adjudicator present and the announcement if the record has been broken should be made around 5.30pm. After which there will be live music and a bar for all to celebrate and enjoy having taken part in such a historic event.

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