Monday, 9 May 2011

Friday on your mind? Then go batting!

Scudamore’s Punting Company launch a new chauffeur tour with a wildlife theme from this Friday. Aimed at adults and children alike, the 90 minute excursion will provide a thorough introduction to one of nature’s most amazing and often misunderstood creatures – the humble, or not-so-humble, bat.

To coincide with the International Year of the Bat, Scudamore's will be running weekly bat safaris towards Cambridgeshire's Grantchester Meadows. in special partnership with the local Wildlife Trust. The trips are to be led by a wildlife expert and will include the use of special bat detecting equipment.

Beginning at the end of May and running until the middle of September, these unique tours will depart shortly after dusk each Friday night. Expert guides will outline the notable characteristics and habitats of bats likely to be encountered on the trip and give tuition on how to use the detectors.

The hand-held detectors convert the bats’ biological sonar signals into audible frequencies. Different species of bats operate at different frequencies and the ear can be trained to recognise specific calls. With the help of experts people will be able to identify exactly what bats are flying close by the punts.

Despite there being nearly 1,100 different species of bats, few people appreciate the vital ecological role that these fascinating creatures play in sustaining our world. Whether it is pollinating flowers or dispersing fruit seeds, bats are at the forefront of many important natural processes.

Rod Ingersent, Scudamores' MD said: "As well as identifying specific bats, our experts will give an overview of the most common species of bat and how they interact with their habitat and the environment in general. We hope people will come away with a greater understanding of these important mammals".

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