Thursday, 26 May 2011

Find a Knight and you could win £11,000!

Langley Castle, Northumberland, is offering a reward of up to £11,000 to find the ‘Wanted Knights of Langley.’

To celebrate 25 year as a hotel, Langley Castle is placing five “Langley Knights” around Britain in public parks, each assigned a unique code. There is a £1000 reward for the first to find each knight, with a bonus for finding more than one. You are encouraged to organise a team of your friends and family from throughout the country to help you and share in the reward.

Three of the knights will be “real knights” that you will find and meet in the actual parks to get their code number. Two of the knights will be “cyber knights,” that is photos that you must find on Google Maps or Google Earth to determine their code number.

Teams can register on-line starting from NOW and the competition will start on Saturday, 2 July, at 9am when photos of all the knights will be released, and continue until all the knights are found or Monday, 4 July at 9pm.

Teams will be encouraged to use social media to recruit team members to find a knight quicker than opposing teams. Clues will be fed through their social media network after each day if knights remain undiscovered. The hotel points out that it is encouraging charities and their members to take part.

The person who first finds a knight receives £1,000, the person who recruited him receives £500, etc. (See attached diagram to illustrate the default reward process – teams are allowed to select alternative reward schemes, such as donating some or all the funds to a charity.)

The purpose of this competition is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Langley Castle being opened as a hotel, most recently winning the gold award for “Best Small Hotel in the North” and winning the silver award in the national “Best Small Hotel in England,” and the opening of the new Langley Crystal Pavilion.

The castle will be celebrating these events on 6th July 2011 at Langley. At that time, they will announce the winning teams of this “Find the Langley Knights” competition and present them with their prize.

Ready to start? You can register yourself and your team either via or directly at (answers to many of your questions can also be found there.)

(EDITOR: This sounds like a lot of fun! Get registered and get seeking, folks! Oh, yes! And good luck to readers of That's Holiday!)

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