Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Car Hire Problems – tells You How to Avoid Them

With summer on the doorstep and many people booking their holidays in the sun,, reputedly the UK's top car rental comparative site, has put together a list of the ten most common faults people run into when booking a hire car.

Said's MD, Gareth Robinson: “For travellers hiring a car on holiday for their added convenience, it's surprising how many fall foul of easily avoided mishaps, like documentation, credit card limits and understand insurance policies.

“We have created a list of the ten most common mistakes renters can make, which will hopefully help people understand what not to do when renting a car, and so have a safer and more enjoyable trip.”

The Top 10 car rental problems by

1. Cheap Rentals – Opting for the cheapest car is not always good value for money. If you struggle to fit your holidaymaker friends and family in it, there isn't much point in renting it. By booking early you can a larger range of cars to choose from, such as SUVs and people carriers.

2. Insurance Policy Mishaps – Total Damage Excess Waiver is one such insurance policy that covers you for the windscreen, excesses, roof, the underside and tyres. Many people aren't covered for the wheels or windscreen, he two things that are most likely to be damaged.

3. Record any damage – Before leaving the rental car park, check the car for damage and have a representative record the damage. If new damage is found and you haven't checked it, you could well be liable for it.

4. Don't forget the extras – If you're travelling to a cold country then opt for snow tyres or snow chains. One of the most common mistakes is not to add a sat nav or child seat into the car, which are sometimes not available on the day of pick up.

5. Limited credit card – Always check what the damage excess is from the hire company before handing over your credit card. If you haven't got the funds available if you have an accident the hire car company could refuse to rent you the car.

6. Book early to avoid disappointment – The cost of car rental can rise the longer you leave it. It's best to book ahead to take advantage of offers and to ensure the car of your choice will be available.

7. Take the insurance – If you're offered insurance when you collect the car, make sure you're already covered at the time of when your bought the policy. In some cases if you take additional cover you might find you're covered twice.

8. Documentation check – In some countries you must show the return flight ticket, and usually credit card, passport and full driving license (both parts), before a renter will allow you to take the car. In some cases, people forget these vital documentation and are refused rental.

9. Rules of the road – Not all road rules are the same as in the UK, so it's important to read up about driving in that particular country before setting off. For example, roundabouts in Turkey give way to those joining it, not the other way around.

10. Fuelling the hire car – some rental car companies prefer you to leave a full tank of fuel or for it to remain empty on its return. Make sure you understand which one as you could find yourself being overcharged. Also, make sure you know if it takes petrol or diesel as getting these two mixed up can have catastrophic affects on the engine.

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