Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sit&GO, the ideal solution for any outdoor event

Celebrate the summer with Sit&GO
Celebrate the summer with Sit&GO
Whether away at a festival, mooching on the beach or just shopping around town, it’s a must have with a strong flip-down seat, large umbrella and insulated cool bag.

2012 has already been a great year for a number of reasons and it’s about to get a whole lot better for holidaymakers, festival and beach goers, fisherman, make-up artists, harassed parents, new mums, and well, just about anyone.

If you’ve ever been to a summer festival then you’ll know the pain of trudging along for what seems like miles in the sun and rain with all your kit. To make matters worse you normally have to do it with lukewarm drinks and food for comfort.

Well worry no more. The new Sit&GO from Direct to Your Door Ltd aims to solve all that by being the ideal travelling companion for any outdoor event. Whether you’re away at a festival, mooching on the beach or just shopping around town, it’s a must have. With a strong flip-down seat, large umbrella and insulated cool bag holding up to 20Kg, food stays hot or cold all day long while you take in the view.

This means when the going gets tough you can put your worries to one side and your feet up safe in the knowledge that the contents of your Sit&GO are cool.

With its steel frame and sturdy design, Sit&GO comes fully safety tested for peace of mind with a seat holding up to 15st in weight, while those robust large wheels ensure Sit&GO is just as happy transporting your shopping around town as it is carrying your picnic or bait and tackle down to the river.

Sit&GO is also great for new mums normally weighed down with shopping, changing bags and nowhere to sit down and feed their baby or even give their feet a rest. Similarly it’s just as useful for harassed parents watching children play in sports tournaments and trailing from pitch to pitch. The handle height of 89cm means you won’t be hunched over pulling Sit&GO around either.

To celebrate what looks like being a great British summer the ‘Celebration’ edition of Sit&GO is emblazoned with the Union Jack and comes complete with its own parasol/umbrella.

Available in three different colours including camouflage (khaki), black and red, and black, Sit&GO is out now.


• Fully Safety tested for added peace of mind
• Steel Frame
• Seat holds up to 15st
• Seat height 45.5cm (17.8 inches)
• Insulated cool bag, holds up to 20Kg
• Versatile seated trolley for any occasion
• Strong adult size fold away seat
• Fully insulated cool bag keeps snacks and drinks cool all day
• Large Wheels

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