Monday, 16 July 2012

NEW Air Flight Gel eases leg aches, pains and travel worries

Sitting for a long time on long haul flights or lengthy coach and car journeys can play havoc with your blood and lymph circulation systems. This leads to aching and swollen feet, ankles and legs. More worrying, such journeys can leave some people at risk of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) where blood clots occur in the deep veins of the thigh or leg.

Help is at hand for travellers this summer in the form of Air Flight Gel which has been specially formulated to help aid circulation, prevent swollen legs and ankles and reduce aches and pains caused by sitting for long periods on long haul flights and coach journeys where movement is restricted.

Air Flight Gel formulation is able to penetrate deep into the skin for long-lasting periods. It comprises a synergistic blend of pure essential oils selected for their properties: together they work more effectively than they would individually.

• Lemon essential oil is used for its ability to thin the blood. It is a great tonic for the circulation and is helpful in reducing the risk of thrombosis.
• Lavender can enhance and boost the lymphatic system thus easing aches and pains.
• Cypress and Patchouli both help to boost and improve poor circulation.
• Juniper oil helps reduce fluid retention and oedema (swelling) in the legs and ankles
• Orange is known for its anti-coagulant properties (meaning it may help avoid blood clots forming) and is also helpful in combatting swelling and fluid retention.

“Swollen, aching legs, ankles and feet are the bane of travellers’ lives but these symptoms can be minimised by boosting the circulation and encouraging drainage of the lymphatic system,” says Elizabeth Somapala, creator of the Air Flight Gel. “The Air Flight Gel has taken 12 years to research and develop,” she continues. “A number of my clients who are frequent travellers have given me excellent feedback that the Gel has brought them relief from their travel troubles.”

How to apply
Apply a small amount on the palm of your hands and stroke it onto your legs in an upward movement. Apply straight onto skin or over tights. Use it both before and during your journey continuing for a few days after you arrive at your destination.

Where to buy
Air Flight Gel is available from It costs £22.95 for 75ml.

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