Saturday, 20 August 2011

Wild Country Tents – Perfect For Family Camping Come Rain Or Shine

Families looking to buy a tent to make the most of the forthcoming Bank Holiday can enjoy themselves, whatever the weather with the Wild Country range.

Careful thought in the design and manufacture of Wild Country Tents ensures they offer a great return on investment, providing a comfortable and weatherproof environment that will stand the test of time.

Features include sewn-in, sealed groundsheets, robust poles, ventilation features, super-strength zips and the use of high technology, weatherproof fabrics.

Carolyn Budding of Wild Country Tents, points out: “A good tent comes into its own when the weather turns and the wind picks up.

“Our Wild Country Tents are designed to offer families the reassurance of shelter against the elements, comfort when the temperature soars and the confidence that their tent will provide them with plenty of camping holidays.”

Wild Country Tents has produced an online guide - available to download at, to help people looking for a family tent to make an informed decision.

Call 01773 837373 to find out more or see the range at

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