Thursday, 11 August 2011

Thomson and First Choice won’t leave Police out of Pocket or in the lurch

In support of the bravery Britain’s Police Force has shown this week Thomson and First Choice will allow police officers to rebook their holidays without incurring any extra charges.

Police Officers across the country were advised yesterday that all leave has been cancelled in order to deal with any further disturbances in England’s cities. While this will be hugely disappointing for hardworking members of the Police Force, if they’ve booked their holidays with either Thomson or First Choice they will be able to change their holiday dates free of charge.

“We know how important holidays are and that nobody needs a holiday more than members of the Police Force right now,” says Nick Longman, Director of Distribution for Thomson and First Choice.

“We want to ensure that all members of the Police will still be able to take their well earned break with us, at a time convenient to them. Our retail staff, some of whom have been affected by the riots, will be only too happy to help Police Officers rebook their holidays, so we advise all officers affected to pop into their local Thomson or First Choice shop.

Alternatively they can call our call centre for Thomson bookings call 0844 0871 0879 and for First Choice bookings call 0871 200 7799. As a national retailer Thomson and First Choice would like to thank Britain’s police force for protecting our high streets so fearlessly, and we look forward to welcoming them on our holidays.”

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