Monday, 18 June 2012

China Central Television selects Vision247 to bring English language news channel to UK hotels

Broadcast specialist Vision247 has signed an agreement with the largest TV network in China, China Central Television (CCTV), to distribute the broadcaster’s 24/7 English language news channel to over 500 hotels within the UK.

CCTV will use Vision247, which already has extensive experience delivering international news programming to hotels, to provide via its content distribution network (CDN), the CCTV News channel live to guests’ hotel rooms.

Vision247 is providing CCTV with a one-stop commercial solution for cost-effective and reliable multi-platform distribution via in-room entertainment (IRE) systems; satellite; cable; IPTV; and over the top internet broadcast delivery. This ensures CCTV has the broadest range of options available for the continuous delivery of high quality television broadcast into hotel rooms throughout the country.

Mr Hu Zhanfan, President of CCTV, says, “Through Vision247 we have found a reliable partner; one able to manage the technical issues of service delivery and also negotiate for us the often complex task of dealing with multiple hotel groups. This means our viewers will now be afforded the finest news programming wherever they stay in the UK.”

John Mills, CEO of Vision247, said: “CCTV continues to embrace innovative distribution models to deliver television to its global audience, which is something we are uniquely able to facilitate. This agreement is particularly satisfying given CCTV is deploying our technology and expertise to deliver channels over Freeview into the home, and now via a range of platforms into hotels. For travelling business people and those visiting the UK there is no excuse to miss out on high quality global broadcast news, all delivered from the Chinese cultural viewpoint.”

China Central Television is available now through the FreeviewHD EPG (electronic programme guide) on Channel 111. CCTV News will be rolled out to more than 500 UK hotels by the end of 2012 across multiple delivery platforms.
China Central Television (CCTV) is the national TV station of the People´s Republic of China and it is one of China´s most important news broadcast companies. Today, CCTV has become one of China´s most influential media outlets. /

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