Monday, 7 May 2012

Kick Start Your Summer Travel in Style with the New LUXE White Linen Summer Box

“LUXE City Guides, your stylish and must-have travel companion, announces the launch of the Limited Edition White Linen Summer Box, exclusively available at,” explained a spokesman.

He went on to say: “Containing five LUXE City Guides of your choosing, this summer keepsake is handcrafted in classic, fresh white linen, with a rich and chic coral interior sleeve and lining, plus a LUXE embossed gold logo. It's a piece that evokes long sun-drenched days and romantic balmy nights.

“It's the perfect accessory to kick start your holiday planning, or to gift to your fabulous pals, who spend their summers in the beach clubs of Bali, bodegas of Barcelona, ruins of Rome or lively LA lounges.

“Who wants to stay home when the world is beckoning? From sunny city breaks to beach getaways, it's time to dust off your bags, grab your LUXE City Guides and jet off to paradise. And the staple of everyone's summer wardrobe, cool white linen, is this season's perfect accessory for the world's chic-est guides. The White Linen Summer Box is available exclusively online and retails for $55.00

“And remember, whether it's one guide or multiple boxes, we can giftwrap and ship anywhere in the world. And when you buy at = we guarantee that you will have only the best and the latest editions to all of our 36 titles, including our new series of family guides, LITTLE LUXE.

“Famous for their ultra short, sharp and snappy reviews and highly personal and selective entries, LUXE City Guides have sold well over one million copies - no padding, no maps, no daft pictures and graphics, just super-curated, highly opinionated quickfire speed reads from resident editors and contributors who REALLY know their city, so you can spend time enjoying the city not head down in a book. Packed from concertina cover to cover with snazz, snark and snap, if it's in LUXE, it's IN - enough said!”

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