Wednesday, 4 January 2012

N/a'an ku sê Lodge

Marlice van Vuuren, one of Namibia's most well-known conservationists, and her husband Dr. Rudie van Vuuren started N/a'an ku sê Foundation in 2006 with two aims - 1) to protect and conserve Namibia's vulnerable wildlife and 2) to improve the lives of the marginalised San Bushman community.
They now run several projects including:

1. Namibia's only charity lodge

2. A Wildlife Sanctuary for orphaned and injured animals

3. Carnivore Conservation Research Project to protect and

conserve wild cheetah, leopard and brown hyena in Namibia.

4. Clever Cubs School and free education for San children

5. Lifeline Clinic and medical outreach for the San community

Through each of their projects, N/a'an ku sê provides an important source of employment and accommodation to several Bushman families. The San are considered to be the oldest culture in the world and are traditionally hunter gatherers.

They have been forced from their original lands, which are increasingly being used for grazing cattle, leaving the San unable to survive in their traditional lifestyle. N/a'an ku sê is committed to improving the lives of the San community and giving the next generation a brighter future through education, healthcare and better living conditions.

N/a'an ku sê Foundation has built up trust, respect and a credible reputation amongst the Namibian San community, local farmers, worldwide conservationists, government officials as well as the general public in Namibia. They have also received international recognition for the work they are doing from global companies, award bodies and celebrities.

They do not receive any government funding and are solely reliant on generous donations and the time of volunteers to continue their vital work to help the people and animals of Namibia.

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