Thursday, 19 January 2012

Hotels outside London. Why not launch an Olympic Getaway package?

The perceived wisdom is that everyone is really excited about the Olympics and if they can't get tickets to any Olympic event (it doesn't matter which one, just so long as it is an Olympic sport!) will demand TV and radio coverage of all things London 2012 24/7.

It might be considered to be heretical to express this opinion but what about the rest of the population? What about those who might sneak the odd glance at a race, or who might follow the medal tally in a desultory fashion or even those who dislike how the Olympics takes over all broadcast channels, even when it is abroad, let alone in Britain?

If you own a hotel or a guesthouse outside of London, why not launch an Olympic Getaway Package?

You could make sure to have TV channels available that do not cover the Olympics, organise tours of the local beauty spots, visits to country pubs or other watering holes that do not have TV, etc. 

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