Sunday, 2 October 2011

Dude Shoes. The Lightest Travel Accessory - Pack as many Pairs as you Like!

With strict luggage regulations and limits on air travellers, the average allowance being just 20 kilos, weight is of the essence when it comes to packing those holiday essentials. Coming in at just 250 grams per pair, Dude Shoes are one of the lightest styles of shoe on the market, meaning it would be possible to pack up to 80 pairs in your check-in bag and forty pairs in your carry-on bag!

Unbelievably light, with stylish Italian designs available in an array of fantastic colour combinations, the shoes are machine washable, so making them the perfect accessory for that beach to evening look, whilst saving precious suitcase space and wieght.

Dude Shoes are available at nationwide stockists and prices start from just £35.

Wearing is believing with Dude Shoes. I wore them on a recent trip to California and not only are they as comfortable as is claimed, their cool looks received admiring comments and requests for details of where they could be bought!

Dude Shoes are currently stocked nationwide in stores including: Treds, Strolling for Shoes, Patrick’s Shoes, Scorpio Shoes, Whirlwind Sports and Weird Fish.  

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