Monday, 13 June 2011

SWAROVSKI OPTIK launches new binoculars, designed specifically for travel & leisure enthusiasts

SWAROVSKI OPTIK is delighted to present its latest binoculars: CL Companion. Designed specifically with the travel and leisure market in mind, the compact size and low weight combine with razor-sharp images to deliver an exceptional viewing experience.

At only 500g (17oz), CL Companion are the lightest binoculars available in the premium class. They are very easy to use and fit neatly in your luggage and can be easily worn around the neck. They're your perfect companion wherever you go.

Discovering everything the world has to offer can be a real joy. Whether you are sightseeing, hiking through untamed nature, marvelling at historic monuments or simply on a Sunday outing, precious moments stay with you forever. Driven by our innate curiosity, it is usually the details that make all the difference and turn a split second into a truly unforgettable experience. SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars are premium products with a long tradition of uncompromising quality, crystal clear optics and precision construction. (EDITOR: And with their compact size, they are ideal for people who need to make assessments of buildings or landscapes for their employment, too!)

This new model combines an attractive, modern look with the user-friendly ergonomics that have long been a standard feature of SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars. At excellent value for money, these binoculars are a top product for discerning buyers looking for both quality and style.

"Observing is more than seeing. It’s seeing the big picture and revealing hidden details. It’s the stirring up of a constant desire for new discoveries. So close you could almost reach out and touch, feeling as if you were really there. A compact and lightweight binocular such as the CL Companion with crystal clear images belongs in any suitcase.

“The new CL Companion is a durable companion designed to help you overcome the natural limitations of your perception and immerse yourself in precious moments," comments Carina Schiestl-Swarovski, chairwoman of the SWAROVSKI OPTIK Executive Board.

CL Companion is available in 8x or 10x magnification and in green, sand-brown or black. It will be available in stores from 01 July 2011. The RRP of the 8x is £790 and the 10x is £820.

This market launch is being accompanied by an exciting social media campaign. At, all globetrotters and travel enthusiasts are invited to take part in the "World Traveller’s Challenge" on Facebook, an entertaining game which, in addition to testing their geographical knowledge, will also put their creativity to the test with a challenging photography competition. From June 2011, SWAROVSKI OPTIK is also launching a product test campaign from this Facebook fan page, giving successful applicants the chance to test the new CL Companion for a whole six months.


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