Monday, 6 June 2011

Sky High Communication? - Looks at Airline Phone and Internet Costs

Airport Parking and Hotels (APH) has put together a table outlining the costs of using phone and internet services whilst you are in flight. This technology is still relatively new but demand is at an all-time high and airlines are responding quickly.

With the world becoming more accessible via smart-phone technology, it has now become a necessity to be able to access online and cellular services even while 35000ft in the air! Visit where you will be able to see a full table of the results.

The research found there are 3 main service providers that airlines use in order to have the phone and internet access on their aircrafts, with charges starting from £3.00. These are OnAir, Aeromobile and Gogo by Aircell.

Airlines that use the Gogo service are mainly American like Continental and American Airlines and it is only available on domestic flights. Providing a service that allows passengers to make calls and use the internet via Wi-Fi with the charges that passengers face set at the international roaming costs associated with the mobile network provider.

Unsurprisingly, budget airlines including BMI Baby, easyJet, Flybe and Monarch do not offer a form of mobile and internet connection aboard their aircrafts. However, from February 2009 to March 2010 Ryanair ran a trial where they introduced the phone and internet service provided by OnAir however this trial was never fully launched following the trial period.

The table of research, which can be found on the APH website, reflects the fact this technology is still new and continues to be developed. Most airlines want to offer this service for their passengers in the very near future. Make sure to visit for the most updated news.

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