Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Winter Sun Protection From Little Terra

UV sunsuit from Little Terra
Christmas is often a time of year when families jet off to warmer climes for a winter sun holiday – and solar protection for youngsters is just a click away with Little Terra’s sunhats, sunglasses and UV sunsuits.

A popular choice for holidaymakers at any time of year is the Jack Wolfskin reversible Mosquito Hat.

Featuring, UV protection of UPF 40+, the wide-brimmed hat also includes insect repellent to help keep mosquitoes away.

Little Terra’s specialist children’s buyer Carolyn Budding has also built up a range of high protection sunglasses ideal for winter sun breaks, which are as enticing for children as they are reassuring for their parents, with brands including Loubsol, Kidzbanz and Babybanz

Carolyn said: “At Little Terra, our children’s sunglasses have been carefully selected to filter UV rays and shield young eyes .

“Sun rays come from all directions, and the most efficient method of protecting the eyes is to wear good quality sunglasses, and to also wear a protective hat.

“A wide-brimmed hat can protect eyes from any rays coming from above or below the sunglasses – and choosing wraparound sunglasses rather than standard design frames offers further protection.

“Design features such as soft temple ends and soft silicone nose and brow pieces embedded in the frame also make for a more comfortable fit.

“Some of our products also feature an adjustable neoprene strap to make sure the glasses fit securely and don't get pulled off.”
UV sunsuits are ideal for holidays because, as well as offering protection from rays, they take up little space in a suitcase, are easy to rinse through at the end of the day and quickly dry out, and can be worn out sight-seeing, by the pool, beach and in the sea.

Little Terra retails the time-proven and trusted range of UV resistant clothing for children with the Radicool 100+ UPF Skins range, from Australia. The range features all-in-one suits, tops and shorts and hats which incorporate protection for the back of the neck.

Carolyn added: “Australia has pioneered extremely effective methods of sun protection over the years and that really appealed to us when we looked at the best range to stock.

“We’ve looked carefully at the marketplace and really liked the fact their clothing offers a UPF rating of 100+, which provides an exceptional level of protection against both UVA and UVB rays.”

Little Terra has produced free downloadable guides to help with the purchase of children’s sunglasses and goggles, as well as UV sunsuits.

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