Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New title for site

You will notice that this site has a new title. The new title, That's Travel (incorporating That's Holiday) has been chosen after much thought and debate as it was realised -after the author made a long haul flight from the UK to California for what were, essentially, business meetings- that much travelling is business, rather than holiday or vacation, related.

It was therefore realised that the name: "That's Travel" would reflect the reality of travelling for many of the people who need travel information.

Of course, That's Travel will still carry the same amount of holiday and vacation related news that it did previously, but it will now also contain more business related travel news and information and will have more links to the related site, That's Business.

However, in order not to cause any confusion for those readers who have placed this site as a favourite site, the URL will NOT be changed.

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